QP Two-stage Reciprocating Compressor: 3 to 15 HP

The QP is a two-stage pressure lubricated air compressor featuring a working pressure of 175 PSI for your more challenging air compression applications. Key QP features include a cast iron crankcase, flywheel and cylinder, reliable positive displacement oil pump and high efficiency intercooler. The QP is available in a “standard” configuration Pro Unit, as well as a “fully loaded” Max Unit.

two-stage pressure lubricated air compressor
two-phase Reciprocating Air Compressors

Compressor Features:

5-15 hp, 175 psig maximum

Two Stage

Oil filter and pressure gauge

Automotive style inlet filter/silencer

Fully pressure lubricated

Cast-iron crankcase, cylinder and flywheel

High efficiency intercooler

Positive displacement oil pump

QP 5-15 hp Two-stage Reciprocating Compressor

The Quincy QP series is designed tough 175 PSI applications where traditional splash lubrication just won’t measure up. The QP is a heavy-duty, cast-iron compressor that features an oil pump for pressure lubrication to the crankshaft, bearings and connecting rod up to the wrist pins. This advanced pressure lubricated system allows for a smoother, more continuous operation.

An Industrial Compressed Air Solution

The QP series of two-stage reciprocating compressor has been engineered from the ground up to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Cast iron cylinders offer rigidity
  • Aluminum head provides effective heat dissipation, leading to an overall more efficient machine.
  • Industrial-class bearings for long service life.
  • Oversize oil reservoir and high-efficiency fin and tube intercooler minimizes the risk of overheating.
  • Electronically balanced fan-type cast-iron flywheel and counter-weighted crankshaft
  • Stainless steel valve design delivers some of the highest volumetric efficiencies
  • 15% longer life than a splash lubricated compressor, with no compromise in power or performance.

Built Tough for Dependable Service

At Quincy Compressor, we know that, whatever industry you’re in, reliable performance from an reciprocating compressor compressor is essential. Sudden breakdowns and extensive maintenance requirements can easily eat into your productivity, costing you money and jeopardizing project goals. That’s why we’ve engineered our industrial duty compressors to be more dependable, even in the most demanding applications.

The QP series of reciprocating piston compressors features an advanced lubrication system that keeps oil flowing to critical parts, eliminating the risk of metal-on-metal contact that can quickly shut down work and reducing wear on sensitive components. As a result, not only do you avoid costly damage, you also enjoy extended service intervals that keep your crew working better for longer.

Choose the Reciprocating Compressor That’s Right for You

The QP reciprocating piston compressor is available in multiple configurations to suit a wide range of commercial needs. Choose from several different tank, engine and accessory combinations for a complete compressor air solution.

Standard configuration — the Pro — is a durable platform featuring an ODP slow-speed motor with overload protection and a ball valve tank drain.

Max package and add features such as an electronic drain tank, low oil pressure shutdown, air cooled aftercooler and more. Both Pro and Max configurations are available with a one- or three-phase, 5, 7.5, 10 or 15 HP motor.


The Pro and Max configurations come standard with our Sterling Blue Warranty, which includes seven years of coverage on the compressor itself and two years of protection on the overall package.

Pro Unit

  • “Standard” configuration Units
    • Ball Valve Tank Drain
    • Auto Start/Stop 5-10HP
    • Dual Control 15HP
  • Shorter Lead Time-Stock Units
  • Extended Warranty Available
    • Two-Year Package and Three-Year Pump vs. One-Year on configured units
  • Easier to Order – Preassigned Part Numbers

Max Unit

  • “Fully Loaded” Units
    • Air Cooled After Cooler
    • Electronic Drain
    • Low Oil Protection
    • Vibration Isolators
    • Auto Start/Stop 5 to 7.5HP
    • Dual Control on 10-15HP
  • Extended Warranty Available
    • Two-Year Package and Three-Year Pump vs. One-Year on configured units
  • Easier to Order – Preassigned Part Numbers

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