Desiccant Dryer

A desiccant air dryer purifies compressed air by absorbing moisture and provides air purification from -40°F PDP down to -100°F PDP. A desiccant air dryer is used for compressed filtration in many industrial air compressor applications.

Quincy Desiccant Dryers air compressor filtration system

QHD Heatless Air Dryer

The QHD series desiccant dryer includes 13 models that deliver between 230 and 3,400 CFM of clean, dry air at a pressure of 100 psig. All feature a heavy-duty steel base and dual tower configuration that regenerates automatically.

Like all our desiccant air dryers, the QHD heatless air dryer system includes high-quality components and is backed by a two-year comprehensive warranty.


  • Initial cost: Low
  • Operating cost: Moderate to high
  • Maintenance cost: Low
  • -40° to -100°F dew point
  • 230 – 3,400 cfm
  • 15% purge
  • Microprocessor control
Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer

QHP Heated Desiccant Air Dryer

The QHP series heated desiccant air dryer features a built-in heating system that regenerates the offline tower using half the amount of air as our heatless dryers. This translates to improved efficiency, less wear and lower operating costs overall.

  • Nine configurations are available that can deliver between 850 and 3,400 CFM of dry air at 100 psig.
  • High-performance switching valve system found in the QHD and a heavy-duty steel base.
  • Air is forced through the system at a maximum of 50 feet/second, with up to 5.5 seconds of desiccant contact time during the drying phase.
  • Run on an eight-hour NEMA cycle
  • Four hour drying phase, the heating phase two and a half hours, the cooling phase one hour and twenty minutes and the re-pressurizing phase 10 minutes.
  • Available with the optional Quincy MicroBurst Regeneration (MBR) system


  • Initial cost: Moderate
  • Operating cost: Moderately low
  • Maintenance cost: Low
  • -40° to -100°F dew point
  • 850 – 3,400 cfm
  • 3.5% to 7% purge
  • Low-watt density heaters
QBP Blower Purge Desiccant Dryer

QBP Blower Purge Desiccant Dryer

Quincy QBP dryers combine heat with forced ambient air for regeneration. As a result, they have a lower purge requirement than both the QHD and QHP desiccant dryer systems.

  • Available in 13 different configurations
  • Produces between 210 and 3,400 CFM of dry air at 100 psig.
  • Lower ownership and maintenance costs deliver a strong ROI over the life of the product.
  • Electronic controls and regulators automate the cycle, making it worry- and maintenance-free.
  • Average purge levels are kept to 1.75%.

For optimal performance, run the QBP blower purge desiccant dryer with a Quincy reciprocating or rotary screw compressor and Q-Sorb desiccant. Under normal conditions, Q-Sorb drying beads can provide up to three years of continuous operation.


  • Initial cost: High
  • Operating cost: Moderately low
  • Maintenance cost: Moderately low
  • +20° to -40°F dew point
  • 210 – 3,400 cfm
  • 1.75% Average Purge
  • NEMA 4
Heatless Desiccant Dryers By Quincy Air Compressors

QMOD Heatless Modular Dryer

The Quincy QMOD is one of our most advanced systems.

  • small footprint has been designed to save floor space without compromising performance
  • Use the QMOD dryer to remove moisture, aerosols and mist from a stream of compressed air.
  • 15 available models accept input from NPT pipe sizes between ⅜” and 1½”, at flow rates from eight to 365 SCFM.
  • Sophisticated electronic diagnostic and control center puts useful tools right at your fingertips
  • Install the QMOD air desiccant dryer horizontally or vertically for maximum flexibility.


  • Initial cost: Low
  • Operating cost: Moderate to high
  • Maintenance cost: Low
  • -40°F to -100°F dew point
  • 8 – 365 cfm
  • 18% purge
  • CRN Approved

Questions? Contact us for more information and advice on selecting and maintaining your Desiccant Dryers compressed air filtration system.