Industrial Vacuum Pumps By Quincy

We offer high-quality, reliable air compressor vacuum pumps that are the result of nearly 100 years of unrivaled industry expertise. Quincy vacuum pumps are used by companies across the United States and around the world due to their uncompromising reliable and unbeatable performance. They’re also backed by superior 24-hour service and support from our extensive worldwide distributor network. There are various Quincy vacuum pumps to choose from, ensuring you’ll be able to find the right one for your applications.

QSVI Direct-Drive Pump

Another direct-drive vacuum air compressor/pump, the QSVI is built for heavy-duty industrial applications. These stand-alone pumps have the ability to automatically adjust the air flow to meet the unique demand capacity of the specific application. The QSVI can also be set to run on a start/stop or continuous basis. Other features include a magnetic motor starter, modulating inlet valve, spin-on fluid filter and full instrument control panel. This powerful and efficient industrial vacuum pump compressor can produce from 25-200 hp and up to 3000 scfm.


  • 25-200 hp, Direct Drive
  • 365-3000 acfm
  • Heavy, industrial vacuum pump

QSV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The QSV focuses on delivering the exact performance you demand, at the minimum possible life cycle cost. Ideal for applications where you need to maintain a set vacuum level (a set point).


  • 7.5-50 hp, Variable Drive
  • 240-1120 CFM
  • Air or water cooled

QCV Dry Claw Pump

The new range based on Quincy Compressor’s QCV – Dry Claw technology features an innovative design which creates a new benchmark in the claw pump market. The simplicity, robustness, efficiency and contaminant handling capability of these pumps make them the smart choice for your application. Built to the exacting standards and quality demanded by out customers, the new dry claw pump provides you with a trouble-free and cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

QLR Industrial Vacuum Pump

QLR Liquid Ring Pump

Liquid ring vacuum has always been and will always be one of the best technologies for extreme vapor loads. Quincy liquid ring pumps are ideal for pimping wet or dry gasses with a high tolerance for liquid carryover, especially on condensable processes such as distillation, drying and evaporator duties. Available in material options to suit demanding processes, and available in either single or dual stage design – we have a solution for all applications

QV Industrial Vacuum Pump

QV Direct Drive Vacuum Pump

The QV series consists of 13 high-performing vacuum pump compressor models that can produce enough volumetric capacity for even the most challenging applications. These stand-alone systems are also portable, enabling you to easily move them around your facility or jobsite as needed. You can choose a 2 hp vacuum pump or one that can produce up to 40 hp. Key QV features include a multistage separation system, powerful and dependable direct-drive NEMA motor — an optional TEFC motor is also available — and integral inlet check valve.


  • 1.5-10 hp, Direct Drive
  • 19-180 acfm
  • All-purpose, rotary vane vacuum pump
Medical Vacuum Pump

QVMS Medical Vacuum Pump

This direct drive medical vacuum pump was developed for hospital applications that demand high capacity and constant vacuum levels. The QVMS medical vacuum pump can fit into narrower spaces in a medical environment, and is ideal for wide range of hospital uses.


The Quincy QVMS 2-10 hp medical vacuum pump has been designed to be NFP 99 Compliant and at the heart of every QVMS is a Quincy QV rotary vane vacuum pump.


  • 2-10 hp, 8-378 scfm
  • TEFC motors
  • NEMA 12 control panel
  • Gas ballast & anti-suck valves
  • Fits through standard doorway
  • Multi-stage demister/separator
  • Air cooled
  • Direct-drive pumps
  • Fully NFPA 99 compliant
  • Up to 2-Year Warranty Available

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What is a Dry Claw Vacuum Pump?

Dry claw pumps are becoming a popular choice as customers look for an alternative to the oil sealed rotary pumps. While often used in the packing, printing, wood processing and wastewater management industries, dry claw pumps are beneficial in factories where pneumatic machines and conveyors are used.   Quincy Dry Claw Vacuum Pump QCV One [...]

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