Predicting Shutdowns Before They Occur :: ICONS & Quincy Air Compressor

Would you like to see a disaster coming before it strikes?
How do you know when your air compressor needs maintenance? Is it when the unit breaks down, causing production to stop? ICONS from Quincy Air Compressor is designed to alert you of issues before your production line goes down.

Quincy Air Compressor

What is ICONS?
Quincy Air Compressor’s ICONS is all about an efficient solution, fully customizable to your production, compliance and monitoring needs. It offers complete insight of your compressed air production by helping to predict and anticipate potential problems; it shows how and where production can be optimized and energy can be saved. ICONS allows you to plan your air compressor maintenance proactively, and at just the right time. If you’re looking for opportunities to reduce your production costs, over time the analysis of your air compressor’s data gives you the information you need to optimize the efficiency of your air system. This is all available through Quincy Air Compressor and the new ICONS.

Imagine if your business was always one step ahead and production uncertainties were a thing of the past. Not only would you save time in being proactive, but you would also impact your bottom line by not having to continuously check your compressor’s productivity. ICONS eliminates the need for service logbooks and regular visits to the compressor room. One click of the mouse is all it takes to see the service status of your air compressor online. ICONS provides an easy way to reduce administrative costs because it only takes one click to generate a service quote request. It’s easy, fast, and always there when you need it.

Quincy Air Compressor ICONS

What would you gain from becoming more proactive?
Service on compressed air systems is typically a reactive activity. An unforeseen event requires immediate intervention from a technician, leading to downtime, production loss and high costs. It’s a risk. When air compressors aren’t properly maintained, their energy consumption increases to higher levels than they should be. Oftentimes, when compressors aren’t well serviced, the breakdown risk is 18% higher on average, resulting in 16 days of downtime and 8% higher energy consumption. With ICONS, this is no longer the case because you can monitor your productivity 24/7, guaranteeing the right service is done on time, every time.

– Increase production uptime
– Reduce downtime costs
– Take preventative action
– Prevent costly breakdowns and downtime

If you’d like to discover all the ways ICONS can help your business, contact Michigan Air today.

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