Overview :: Quincy Single Stage Air Compressors

Quincy Compressor’s Single Stage series offers the perfect air compressor for commercial applications and serious do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the house or garage. Quincy’s Single Stage series air compressors feature a cast iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plate for maximum strength and durability. The aluminum head and design of the fins help to dissipate heat to keep the air compressor running cooler, lengthening the life of the unit. Single Stage piston compressors are 100% factory tested at full pressure and shipped with ISO-150, SAE 40 weight lubricant.

Quincy Single State Air Compressor

Quincy Single Stage Air Compressor Overview
– Cast iron cylinder and crankshaft
– Twin cylinder
– Fully enclosed belt guard
– Start/stop pressure switch
– Oil lubricated
– Long life up to 10,000 hours
– Quiet
– Aluminum head to dissipate heat

Quincy Stationary Compressor
Model number Q13160VQ, this 3.5 horsepower air compressor has a 60 gallon tank and can handle up to 135 pounds of pressure. It weighs in at 261 pounds, and like the 2 portable Quincy air compressors, it is ideal for the serious DIYer who is using continuous tools like sandblasters, grinders, etc.

Quincy Portable Air Compressor
There are two air compressors to choose from, both 2 horsepower with a maximum PSI of 135. The two units are similar but the 20 gallon air compressor is horizontal, and the 26 gallon air compressor is vertical so it takes up less space in a garage. Just like their larger counterpart, both of these portable air compressors are perfect for the serious DIYer who is using continuous tools like a sandblaster or grinder.
Quincy’s single-stage air compressors work by drawing air into the compressor’s cylinder, where it is then compressed with a single stroke of a piston and sent to a storage tank. This differs from a two-stage air compressor where, after the initial compression, the air is delivered to another high-pressure piston via a specially designed intercooler tube for a second compression. Depending on the model, a single stage air compressor can provide a pressure between 110 and 135 psi, while two-stage compressors can deliver up to 175 psi. For more information about single stage stationary or portable air compressors, visit Quincy Air Compressors online.

Quincy's Single Stage Air Compressor Series


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