Let Michigan Air Solutions help you transition to a better solution. No surprises, fixed monthly cost for compressed air with no more unexpected repair bills on unreliable equipment. Put the responsibility on us, pay for air like a utility!

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The MAS | Utility Air is a worry-free solution designed for our customers who do not want responsibility for their Compressed Air System ownership, maintenance and risk. The Utility Air offering is an arrangement through which Michigan Air Solutions provides compressed air at a rated flow, pressure and quality for a fixed term. Equipment typically includes compressors, filtration, dryers, storage, and remote monitoring. Michigan Air Solutions can also include nitrogen generation, guaranteed performance, and installation to eliminate any upfront out-of-pocket expense.



  • Systems Design and Engineering
  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Equipment Repairs
  • System Management, Remote monitoring and notifications
  • Monthly reports on usage / compressed air costs


  • Compressed Air Availability
  • Dewpoint Guarantee
  • Minimum Pressure Guarantee
  • Average and Peak Demand Capacity

*Performance guarantees must include redundancy owned and maintained by MAS

MAS | Utility Air provides a capital-raising alternative because Michigan Air Solutions assumes responsibility for depreciating assets, while your cash flow can be used for other areas which can generate a stronger return on investment.


  • Eliminate the capital expenses
  • Allows plant maintenance personnel focus on your production equipment
  • Introduce 100% redundancy
  • Have fixed compressed air system costs with zero risk
  • Reduce energy costs with properly sized and controlled system components
  • System can change with the growth or change of your business


  • MAS | Utility Air is NOT a capital lease, it is a long term rental contract
  • Payments may have tax benefits
  • No longer need to re-bid outsourced services on an annual basis
  • Pay for your compressed air as a utility, similar to water, natural gas and electricity

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