MTA Process Fluid Chillers

We offer industrial chillers to suit any application, and each model is the same high-quality, straightforward product that you’ve come to expect from MTA. Our chillers bring cool water to your process as easily as turning on a tap.

Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers By MTA

TAEevo Tech MTA - Chiller

MTA TAEevo Tech Air-cooled chillers are compact units designed for use in industry, equipped with a high-performance hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressor. It has a centrifugal pump with a capacity of 43.5 psig. When duplex pumps are required, Michigan Air Solutions can customize your chiller.

MTA chillers are rated for indoor and outdoor installation, and regardless of their small physical footprint, they sacrifice nothing in efficiency.

MTA chillers are utilized in many industries, including plastics, automotive, herbal extraction, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, wine-making, and more.


  • Environmentally-friendly R410-A refrigerant
  • High performance hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors
  • Proprietary evaporator tank, including a finned pack evaporator with copper tubes and aluminum fins, integrated into the tank
  • Centrifugal pump designed for 43.5 psig; duplex pumps available upon request
  • Crankcase heaters on compressors
  • Available in 460/3/60Hz and 230/3/60Hz (230/3/60Hz only available on certain models)


  • Centrifugal fans
  • High pressure pump (72.5 psig)
  • Water-cooled version (TWEevo Tech)
  • Non-ferrous water circuit
  • Low ambient package (VFD) for down to -4° F ambient
  • 400/3/50Hz available upon request