A Tooling Company is Increasing Profits by Reducing Energy Costs

Case Study: Sunset Tool Inc.
Michigan Air Solutions has once again teamed up with EE LED Supply to install more energy efficient air compressor equipment and lighting which will save Sunset Tool over 250,000 kilowatt hours per year, and $32,800 annually. Sunset Tool also received over $25,000 in rebates and incentives from Indiana Michigan Power Company and Michigan Air Solutions as part of the Energy Efficiency program. By conducting an energy audit, we were able to determine we needed to replace Sunset Tools’ aging and inefficient lighting and air compressor equipment.

Sunset Tool CEO, Marty Mason, learned of this program through an Indiana Michigan Power customer breakfast held in early 2017. Initially, he was skeptical of the rebate program, but after hearing the presentation and meeting with Jason Whitman, the Energy Efficiency Coordinator, he commented: “This was a no-brainer decision. We are thrilled we had this done and I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone.”

Energy efficient air compressor and energy efficient lighting for a free energy audit

I&M offers energy saving incentives to help offset the cost of new efficiency measures. In addition to reduced energy consumption, additional benefits of participation include enhanced equipment performance, extended life expectancy of equipment, additional system capacity and reduced maintenance and cost of ownership.

Energy efficient air compressor and energy efficient lighting for a free energy audit

To learn more about how to increase your profitability, reduce energy costs, and how to qualify for incentives and rebates, contact us at 800.727.2470 or sign up for a FREE energy assessment online.

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As the authorized Quincy compressor distributor in Michigan, our experts can help you design, troubleshoot and maintain your air systems for maximum productivity, efficiency and longevity. We only recommend and sell the best energy efficient air compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps and accessories.

EE LED Supply works with businesses to completely replace existing non-LED bulbs to save money, reduce energy usage, and receive Utility Company rebates where applicable. EE LED Supply maintains a catalog of wholesale LED products and can handle any custom order or project.






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