Replacement For Gardner Denver Compressor?


Michigan Air Solutions can help. We service all makes and models including Gardner Denver compressors. If you’re looking for a new air compressor, consider a Quincy air compressor which continually ranks top in quality year after year—and is backed by the industry’s best warranty.


Industry’s Best Warranty

Our Quincy air compressors include the world’s best warranty:

  • 10-year Airend Warranty
  • 5-year Variable Speed Drive Warranty
  • 5-year Drive Motor Warranty
  • 5-year Air/Fluid Receiver Warranty
  • 5-year Drive Coupling Warranty
  • 5-year Cooler Warranty

Other air compressor manufacturers, like Garner Denver Compressor try to match the Royal Blue Warranty® by charging extra for a similar plan or an extended warranty. Quincy’s Royal Blue Warranty® is available on our popular rotary screw air compressors.

Quincy Compressor Warrenty

Why Michigan Air Solutions?

As the authorized master Quincy distributor for Michigan, our experts can help you design, troubleshoot and maintain your air systems for maximum productivity, efficiency and longevity. We only recommend and sell the best air compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps and accessories. We also service all air compressor makes and models. Learn More >

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Questions? Contact us for more information and advice on maintaining your compressed air system. Michigan Air Solutions is a reliable source for helpful compressor maintenance information. We also offer a wide selection Quincy air dryer systems. Our customers are located in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Lansing, and everywhere in between.