What is a Dry Claw Vacuum Pump?

Dry claw pumps are becoming a popular choice as customers look for an alternative to the oil sealed rotary pumps. While often used in the packing, printing, wood processing and wastewater management industries, dry claw pumps are beneficial in factories where pneumatic machines and conveyors are used.


Quincy Dry Claw Vacuum Pump QCV

One dry claw vacuum pump that we often recommend is the Quincy QCV. This particular line boasts design innovations that have taken claw pump technology to a new level. Dry claw vacuum pumps are considered the optimal choice for a variety of uses due to the mechanical strength, efficiency and design simplicity behind the technology. With many successful applications across a range of industries, the dry claw vacuum has been tested and refined time and again to ensure users receive the highest performing pump.

There are many different kinds of vacuum pumps, but what makes the claw pump stand out is it’s dry technology. Most vacuum pumps use water or oil to lubricate and create a seal. The dry claw vacuum pump uses positive displacement by trapping the gas and moving it through the pump which creates pressure.

Benefits of the Dry Claw Vacuum Pump
In most cases, a claw vacuum pump is approximately 30% more efficient than a comparable rotary vane pump and the claw pump uses less energy. Because the claw pump runs dry and doesn’t use any oil, it can run hot. However, this can be viewed as an advantage because it helps reduce condensation of pumped vapors and contamination. Because of the higher operating temperature, the dry claw vacuum pump can typically accept higher temperature gases that would normally condense at lower operating temperatures. For that same reason, the dry claw pump also has positive water vapor pumping characteristics as well. It’s important to keep in mind that the higher operating temperatures could potentially require the pump bearings and seals to be purged in order to prevent heat related failure.
If you have questions about the dry claw vacuum pump and whether it’s the best option for your business, give us a call today at 616.531.8940. With locations throughout Michigan, we’ve got experts ready to help with all your vacuum pump needs.


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