Air Treatment Equipment

Compressed air treatment and condensation management equipment is engineered to work specifically with our rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Like any ELGi product, our air dryers, condensation management and other air filtration equipment has been designed to provide exceptional performance in all applications and is backed by an excellent warranty that guarantees years of trouble-free use.

Helping to extend the life of air systems through efficient removal of condensation and contaminates

Compressed Air Treatment : ELGi EGRD Refrigerant Dryers

ELGi dryers are a critical component for condensation management for a number of industrial applications such as Manufacturing., Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Food and Beverage.

We manufacture and provide exclusive ongoing support for one of the best selections of refrigerated and desiccant dryers on the market today. Our refrigerated air dryers are also available in cycling and non-cycling configurations.

For smaller footprint applications that require consistent loads, take a look at the ELGi series of non-cycling dryers. For maximum efficiency, ELGi dryers feature a three-stage heat exchange system with cold storage, allowing the unit to cycle on and off as necessary.

Compressed Air Treatment : ELGi AR Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

When compressed air cools down following a compression process, water vapor precipitates as condensate. This condensate must be removed from the compressed air system to prevent damage to downstream equipment.

ELGi’s Energy Saving Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer eliminates the moisture and hence is an ideal accessory that can be used for a wide range of applications. It comes with an industry-leading warranty.


Compressed Air Treatment : Filtration

To complement ELGi compressors, we offer a large selection of air filtration systems designed to work with our products. Standard filters include particulate, coalescer and absorber-type products, all of which feature push-to-fit design, multi-wrap element construction and a 10-year warranty on aluminum or steel housing components.

ELGi high pressure filters are built for heavy-duty use. Their unique design features a coalescer to remove liquid aerosols and an activated carbon absorber to reduce odors and vapors. To accommodate many different potential applications, high pressure air filtration systems are available with pipe sizes ranging from ¼” to 2” in diameter.

Use ELGi mist eliminators to remove oil, particulates and water from compressed air with exceptional efficiency. Our products feature a unique double element design that uses a combination of impaction, interception and Brownian movement to remove 100% of particles 3 microns or larger and 99.5% particles as small as 0.01 micron. Rounding out our selection of air filtration equipment, we also offer high-quality, specially blended borosilicate glass microfiber elements compatible with all major manufacturers’ products.

Compressed Air Treatment : Condensate Management

“Zero loss advantage”: Compressed air condenses moisture in dryers, after-coolers and air receivers. This condensate needs to be removed frequently. This process is done by the drain valves. In ordinary drains, there is always loss of compressed air. Most of the condensate drains have a 4 mm orifice. This 4 mm orifice bleeds about 34 cfm, which is the equivalent of 6.5 kw of power. ELGi Airmate drains work on the principle of zero air loss and do not bleed your compressed air, consequently saving energy.

EZL Drain Valve

The condensate sensing type automatic drain valve is the latest advancement in drain valve technology. Instead of operating through cycle timer, these valves sense the condensate level for activation, ensuring absolutely no loss of compressed air and hence enormous energy saving. These drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. They can be fitted directly on the equipment simply by replacing the manual drains.

  • The electronic level control ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air.
  • All the functions of the valve are accurately indicated by the LED display.
  • Test switch (or) manual drain allows function test at anytime.
  • Intelligent Controller detects valve, probe failure and acts accordingly
  • Noise free, as air is not discharged.

Rotary Screw Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

Run more efficiently with this quick reference guide that covers issues such as:

  • Low pressure
  • Excessive vibration
  • Low oil pressure
  • Overheating
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Excessive current draw
  • Failure to start or motor stalls