Why Choose a Quincy Industrial Vacuum Pump

When you walk down the aisles of some of your favorite stores, any given number of products you see are likely there in part thanks to Quincy. By the same token, the vehicles that bring these products to the shelves have been produced with vacuums and compressors that bear the Quincy name. Each industrial vacuum pump they manufacture is designed to offer maximum performance and efficiency with minimal maintenance for years to come. Their hard work, dedication to the industry, and employee commitment make them the go-to choice for industrial vacuum pumps. There’s a lot riding on that and we take it seriously.

Clients in the pharmaceutical, oil, gas, food and beverage industries all have different needs when it comes to industrial vacuum pumps and there are many types of pump systems that can be used, including rotary vane, articulated piston, rotary screw pump, liquid ring, and claw vacuum pumps. When customers need help determining the best option for their individual line of work, we can step in and help.

In an industry that requires superior performance, the competition is stiff and Quincy has stepped up to the plate time and again, since 1920, to manufacture the best industrial vacuum pumps on the market. Their continuous product improvements, upgrades, and an aggressive focus on cost reductions through value engineering and global sourcing have made them our premier partner. We promise Michigan Air customers the best industrial vacuum pump on the market and Quincy helps us fulfill that promise every time.

Across the globe, Quincy is the most trusted name in air compressors and industrial vacuum pumps, because their machines have consistently proven to be durable and reliable, for nearly 100 years. To learn more about the industrial vacuum pumps we offer, and which option is the best for your business, contact us today at 616.531.8940.


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